1. All competitive matches played in the Club will be under the league system.
  2. The booking of courts will be the same as normal. No concessions will be made because you are a member of Meadway and RIvermead  Squash Club.
  3. Cost of courts will be shared equally between the two players.
  4. Black Double Yellow spot balls will be used unless agreed otherwise by the two players.
  5. Each match to be decided on the basis of the best of five games, unless agreed otherwise by both players.
  6. 6.    Scoring will be on the point per rally method i.e. first to fifteen, at 14-14 you must lead by 2 clear points to win.
  7. A let should be played for any points in dispute.
  8.  Five or six players will be in each league, where ever possible.
  9. Points system:
    2 for playing
    1 for each game won
    1 for winning a completed match
     i.e. points scored for
    3 – 0 win    6 – 2
    3 – 1 win    6 – 3
    3 – 2 win    6 – 4
    Unfinished or drawn matches may either be replayed or points scored for completed games. New rule – points scored in original game are blanked for replayed match (i.e. replayed match starts at 0-0)
    When entering results, the red boxes showing mandatory fields (score in games to be entered: eg. 3-1, 0-3, 2-2 etc.). If known, the blue boxes should be used to submit the score in each game (if not all game scores are entered, they will not be saved).
  10. There will be approximately one month to play all league games.
  11. If an opponent fails to turn up for a match six points for a walkover may be claimed after agreement with a Committee member.
  12. If a match is refused after three reasonable challenges, then a walkover may be claimed after consulting with a Committee member.
  13. Promotion and Demotion between leagues.
    1. See rules in force at the time. This is likely to change from time to time as the number of playing members fluctuates during the season.
    2. However in general the 2 players with the highest number of points in each league will be promoted and the 2 players with the fewest points will be demoted.
  14. If a member fails to play any games in a league cycle without informing a committee member as to why they have failed to play they will be removed from the leagues at the end of two league cycles.
  15. New members will be entered into the league either by starting at the bottom or by playing a friendly arranged by the Committee to assess appropriate level.
  16. Anyone wishing to leave the Club at any time please notify a Committee member.
  17. Any complaints should be submitted in writing to a Committee member for consideration at the next Committee meeting.
  18. Annual subscriptions will be as agreed at the AGM.